Hernandez Bill Promoting Better Enforcement of Water Sanitation Regulations Passes House

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Norma Hernandez, D-Melrose Park, is prioritizing green policy and efficient government by passing legislation to allow emailed cease-and-desist notices to polluters. 

“Keeping the water supply safe and up to standards for everyone is critically important,” Hernandez said. “So, when the actions of some individuals are having a negative impact on sanitation, it’s crucial for enforcement actions to be taken efficiently and as quickly as possible. That’s why I’m taking action to eliminate delays and speed up enforcement. Safe, clean water is too important to accept anything less.”

Currently, cease-and-desist notices and notices of hearing issued in Chicago to persons who improperly discharge waste into the sewage system must be delivered by certified mail or personal service; which often results in delays. Hernandez’s House Bill 3133 would provide that these notices could be transmitted by email. The bill passed the House Wednesday.

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